translated from Spanish: Postman’s Day: Why is September 14 celebrated?

Despite the benefits that technology and instant messaging give us, sending letters is still customary. Obviously, it ceased to be the only means of communication between distant points, but it acquired a value of importance both when writing a letter and receiving it. Someone bothered to buy it, write it down and send it, and deliver it? Well, today they celebrate their day: postmen. The story of why it is celebrated on September 14 may seem banal, but, to know it, we have to go back to the time of the Spanish arrival in America.

It was 1514, a few years after the first arrival of the Spaniards in America, and the increase in productive activity on the continent was increasing. For this reason, it was decided to found the first Major Mail with the Indies, based in Lima, and then the first postal service in Buenos Aires.The system was somewhat complex. The letter, before reaching its destination, passed through so many hands, with the number of poles between each point.

But, being much more rudimentary than the Spanish methodology, the system of horseback riding poles became obsolete. Thus, Bruno Ramírez was appointed, on September 14, 1771, as the first official postman in the country’s history. Here is a curious fact: in the city of Hurlingham, located in the eponymous party, there is a neighborhood, where approximately a thousand people live, called Barrio Cartero Bruno Ramírez. Obviously, it is in honor of that postman from Seville who made so much history in Buenos Aires.In addition to wishing the postmen an excellent day, we asked you: did you know about this story?

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