translated from Spanish: There are 23 normalists detained, teachers and parents protest

Morelia, Michoacán.- By confirming the presence of Tlaxcala normalists, teachers and parents are in protest outside the juvenile guardianship courts where the corresponding hearings are held.
It was reported that since last Thursday afternoon a report of the theft of a passenger bus on the Parikuni line was received, so when seen in the Normal of Tiripetío he proceeded to his release and detention of some young people.
From early Friday, protests began by other young normalists among them, members of the Federation of Socialist Peasant Students of Mexico, in demand of the release of their comrades by arguing that they took the unit to travel to a march to Tlaxcala after not receiving the support of authorities, which led to the confrontation with police groups where 11 policemen and 4 young men were injured by a police truck that is said to have been chauffeur lost control by beatings of the youngsters.
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Among the actions, he also learned of the arrest of one of the policemen by the normalists, whom they even recorded questioning the facts and subsequently released.
Hearings for the release of detainees, who are charged with theft and harm to third parties, will be held throughout today and tomorrow.

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