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Laura Avalos
Morelia, Michoacán.- Federal MP Carlos Torres Piña reported that in the past days they were given the breakdown of the resource that Michoacán will receive during 2021, a budget that has presented a cut of one billion pesos, derived from the decrease in certain specific bouquets.
The legislator stated that the items in which the cut was weighted was presented was in sector 28 that is intended for expenditure we did not proclaim, sector 33 which is on public works, sector 3 where resources are available for current expenditure and fund 4 which is intended for for FORTASEG (Strengthening Programme for Security).
With all the adjustments the overall cut is estimated at 3%, however, there were some other issues where there was a budget increase for the entity, as was in works of SEDATU (Secretariat agricultural, territorial and urban development) where there was a growth of 170% for the area of social housing.
“There are other more sacrificed states such as Coahuila, Tlaxcala or Puebla, for Michoacán comes very little road infrastructure, we will hold a meeting with deputies from all over the entity to study an approach and see where these reductions can be generated,” he concluded.

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