translated from Spanish: Femicide by Micaela Sabrina Zalazar: arrest her partner, a boxer

It happened in the Bonaerense city of July 9. Micaela Sabrina Zalazar, 27, was murdered and her partner, an amateur boxer, accused of femicide and abortion in royal competition, is being arrested. Micaela was five months pregnant. She and her baby died from the serious injuries she suffered after being beaten apparently by her partner. He also had two children, the result of past relationships, who were left without a mother and remain with their parents. Investigators were able to determine that Micaela had reported to Pancera for gender-based violence in February October 2019.It all started yesterday at noon when from Zalazar’s home an ambulance was requested for the pregnant woman, who was transferred to the zonal hospital Julio de Vedia of the aforementioned party located in the west of the Bonaerense interior, 260 kilometer from the Federal Capital.Zalazar had losses , but after being evaluated by a doctor on duty, it was discovered that the victim had a shattered spleen, abdominal bleeding and had lost her pregnancy, so she was admitted to severe state in intensive care. The guard doctor, who also works for the police, decided to make the complaint on suspicion that the woman had been beaten, so they took effective intervention from the local police station and Zalazar’s Justicia.La couple, identified as Renzo Agustín Pancera (25), was transferred from their home on Joaquín V. González Street to 200 July 9 – where he had stayed despite his partner being interned in the hospital- to the headquarters of the police station for a statement. According to sources, after 18 yesterday, Zalazar died as a product of the severe bleeding painting for which she had been admitted. In the wake of his death, the prosecutor in charge of the case, Luis Carcagno, of Mercedes’ Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 6, decided to leave Pancera apprehended for the offences of «aggravated homicide by gender-based violence and abortion.»

«She is Micaela Zalazar, she was 27 years old 2 years old and she was 5 months pregnant, this is Renzo Pancera, I killed her life as if it were worthless, the mother ripped off 2 creatures,» Antonella Zalazar, the victim’s relative, said on her Facebook account.» He hit her to death, burst her spleen and killed her baby. Miki couldn’t stand that much pain and we’re gone, this fucking son of shit killed Micaela and we have to do justice, let’s not let this be left in nothing,» the woman adds in her message.

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