translated from Spanish: Guillier on Lavín’s television appearances: “There is obvious manipulation”

Independent Senator Alejandro Guillier was the new guest of the program “Talking at Home”, where he referred to the most important issues on the country’s political agenda. Guillier said he is putting together his own command with a proposal for names for an eventual Constituent Assembly, harshly criticized Finance Minister Ignacio Briones, denouncing that he ‘lied and deceived the country’ with a proposal for SMEs that only favored large companies and was particularly drastic about Mayor Joaquín Lavín’s exposure in the media , calling on CNTV to do something.
On Lavín’s appearances in the media, he commented that “no one can deny that Lavín was a national network. It goes from one channel to another and that’s… Even the National Television Council (CNTV) should have made that present, because manipulation is evident.” He then adds that “in a media outlet nothing is random. There is obviously a strategic direction of editorial line, which characterizes and defines every means of communication and that are also actors of power, because they influence the formation of public opinion. So the owners of the media create them to generate greater power of influence in decision-making,” he said.
“I am forming my own command for the Constituent Assembly”
Just over five weeks after the Plebiscite, the senator acknowledged that he is preparing his proposal to contribute to the Constituent Assembly, noting that “my concern, and that’s what I’m dedicated to, I’m an independent senator and being a senator I can form my command.
“Just as the parties form, so am I forming my own commando. We’re just putting it together, because when we saw that the political parties each formed their command, an independent, even if it’s opposition, is left in the air, and ‘who I work with,’ you say. We said then, we promoted a citizen commando, which promotes the participation of intermediate leaders, civil society leaders, trade unions, trade unions, academics, intellectuals, people of the territories, so that they can participate actively in the Plebiscite and then be able to apply organizedly,” he explained.

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