translated from Spanish: Kicillof pointed at Macri: “When it was their turn to rule they broke everything”

The governor for the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, echoed the criticisms of the former president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, who in a published letter accused the national administration of the De Todos front of “attacking” the Constitution.From his social networks, Kicillof said: “When it was their turn to rule they broke everything, we said so as soon as 2018. Now Macri, as an opposition, says he’s willing to keep breaking up…. to silence.” The Bonaerense representative referred in this way to the opinion note published by Macri in the newspaper La Nación, from where he contemplated that the national government is responsible for “deploying” a “systematic and permanent attack” on the Constitution and intended to show as “counterface” “mobilized and attentive citizens who have won the streets”.

“To defend the present and win the future” is the title of the text with which Macri claimed that he broke the “silence” to share his “concern” about what he considers “the painful and delicate circumstance that Argentina goes through”. In this regard, the founder of PRO mentioned that the Government seeks to violate the “balance of state powers” in Congress, “condition the judiciary with a reform that already has half a sanction”, “weaken” state control agencies and “backward” in federalism, by seeking to “condition” governors with the sending of funds. Axel Kicillof’s was one of the many answers that both from the Front Of All, as well as from other political spaces had the writing of Macri. Alberto Fernández shared on his social networks a post by the mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Martín Insaurralde, who considered that the former President “left a country indebted, and in ruins” and that “with that panorama and in the midst of a pandemic, the Government restructured 99% of the debt, prioritized people’s lives and is recomposing the social and productive fabric to stand up”. Meanwhile, defense minister Agustín Rossi stated that during the previous presidential administration “there was no independence of powers, journalists and the media were persecuted, opponents were imprisoned, illegal intelligence was made, Congress was virtually closed, the judiciary was colonized and freedom of commerce and companies was restricted to their friends, completing a form in the exercise of frivolous power , insensitive and immoral”. By Federal Consensus, DEPUTY Alejandro “Topo” Rodriguez warned that Macri “returned on vacation to deepen the crack and face the shortcut of confrontation.”
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