translated from Spanish: Neymar: «Racism and intolerance are not acceptable»

Paris Saint-Germain’s Brazilian striker, Neymar Jr, reiterated on Monday that he could not leave the field «without doing anything» after being expelled for assaulting Spanish defender Alvaro González, who is accused of racist behavior, and stressed that although «aggressions and insults are part of football, racism is not acceptable», lamenting that what happened was ignored by referees. Neymar was expelled on Sunday in the discount of the duel between his team and Olympique de Marseille after tipping several collejas to the Spanish central, later confessing that the Cantabrian had called him «monkey son of a bitch».» Yesterday I rebelled. I was expelled with a red one for wanting to hit someone who offended me. I thought I couldn’t leave without doing something because I realized that those responsible wouldn’t do anything, because they didn’t realize or ignored the fact,» Neymar wrote almost 24 hours later on his official ‘Instagram’ profile. The PSG’s ’10’ wanted to «respond as usual» on the field, «playing football», and stressed that in football «aggressions and insults are part of the game, of the dispute». «You can’t be affectionate and that’s why, in part, I understand this boy. It’s all part of the game, but racism and intolerance are not acceptable,» he warned. The South American was «proud» of his roots. «I don’t see myself any different from anyone. I wanted the game managers (arbitrators and assistants) to position themselves impartially and I understood that there is no longer room for attitudes of prejudice,» he stressed, saddened, reflecting on what happened in the final stretch of the encounter, «because of the feeling of hatred» that comes from when nerves are lost «in the heat of the moment.» Should I have ignored it? I don’t know yet, but today with a cold head I say yes, but at the moment, my teammates and I asked the referees for help and they ignored us… that’s the point!» the international remarred with Brazil.For Neymar, everyone involved in the «entertainment» that is football needs to «reflect». «An action led to a reaction and led me to what I did. I accept my punishment because I should be part of clean sport, but I hope, on the other hand, that the aggressor will also be punished,» he asked.» Racism exists, but we have to stop it. Never again, that’s enough,» he continued. «The boy was an idiot, and I also acted like an idiot for letting him get me involved in that. I still have the privilege of keeping my head up today, but we must all reflect that not all black and white people are in the same condition. Confrontational damage can be deastrous on both sides,» he said. The striker lamented the defeat to Marseille and his «lack of wisdom». «Being in the spotlight or ignoring a racist act will not help, I know, but pacating this ‘anti-racist’ movement is our obligation for the less privileged to naturally receive their defense. We’ll meet again, you know what you said, I know what I did,» Neymar said.

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