translated from Spanish: PAN report of Claudia Sheinbaum to IECM

CDMX.- THE PAN MP, Federico D’ring, warned that the Head of Government will violate the prohibition that no official can report on its management once the electoral process has begun. On Monday, the MP came to file the complaint with the Capital Electoral Institute (IECM) after last week the Head of Government’s report was approved for next Thursday.
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“Congress illegally, in a fatal omission, approved on Thursday, September 10 ( September) the format of the report on September 17 of the Head of Government,” D’ring said outside the IECM headquarters. The current Citizen Participation Act contains an express prohibition that prevents law enforcement officials from reporting.” For no reason can anyone, Member, Councilman, Mayor or Head of Government, report activities once the electoral process began,” he externated.” This authority, the Institute, formally declared on Friday the 11th the start of the local electoral process, so that this report is illegal, Congress had a terrible failure and omission and I have come to take action.” This impediment was also made public by Morena’s deputy, Guadalupe Morales, in an initiative she presented to Congress on September 8. The initiative calls for reform of the Citizen Participation Act with the aim of eliminating the readiness to allow deputies, mayors and the Head of Government to report during the process and also during election campaigns. This Citizen Participation Law was approved during this legislature, on a proposal from deputies of Morena, in the commission headed by the deputy of Morena, José Martin Padilla.

Original source in Spanish

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