translated from Spanish: Rosario Piedra denies gourmet food at CNDH: “we ate rice and beans”

Mexico City.-As a victim of a campaign of lies and smear, the president of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH), María Rosario Piedra Ibarra, who denied that gourmet food and fine cuts were consumed within this body, because the menu was pasta, rice, beans and stew for an average of 40 people.
What was presented as fine cuts said that “they were nothing more than steak of res, pork and chamberete, which was exhibited as excess was nothing more than the total food of a month,” he added during a virtual meeting with members of the parliamentary groups of the Chamber of Deputies.

Among the criticisms he received the most was for the food found in the kitchen of the CNDH headquarters in the Republic of Cuba in the Historic Center of Mexico City and commented that it is a lie what has been said of the dining room, because the food was also offered to people who came to make a request or formality.
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He said they have faced a formidable campaign of smear and lies, although he reiterated that the autonomy of the CNDH is guaranteed, because there is broad honesty and transparency. He also regretted the various versions of scandals and slander against him and the body.

Severe criticism from lawmakers of all parliamentary groups in the Chamber of Deputies received Rosario Piedra Ibarra. | Reform

The meeting with the ombudsperson was conducted with severe criticism of her by opposition legislators, who consider that her performance in front of this body has been inefficient. Among the advances he showed lawmakers is a new system of attention to complaints that has allowed to reduce attention times, as well as the online consultation for victims to follow up on each of their cases. The goal of these actions is to reduce response times and for people to leave with a solution. With regard to the offices taken, it stated that they did not agree on the use of public force and it was hoped that solutions could be provided through dialogue in a reasoned manner. Criticism went from Morena’s bench to Piedra Ibarra, in which Lorena Villavicencio said that it is required to make an assessment of the work done by the CNDH holder honestly. Meps Graciela Zavaleta also told her that this body is not currently in the best moment of credibility with the public. A week ago, a group of women, mothers of victims of sexual abuse, femicides and other crimes, along with feminist groups, who have taken over the CNDH facilities since last Friday, exhibited the discovery of cuts of meat and gourmet food in the refrigerators of the agency’s headquarters, in the City of México.Es important to mention that Piedra Ibarra has distinguished itself for more than forty years as a social activist and belonging to the Committee! , which is an organization that was founded by his mother, Rosario Ibarra de Piedra in 1977, which has as members relatives of the disappeared and persecuted politicians appointed as opponents of the government. He is 68 years old, studied a master’s degree in psychopedagogy at the School of Education Sciences and holds a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL). In addition to his work history showing that he has also served as a special education teacher

Original source in Spanish

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