translated from Spanish: Sebastian Vegas and the “Red”: “If I get things right, I’ll have my options”

Sebastián Vegas, Monterrey’s current defender in Mexico, referred to what has been his experience in Aztec football and his options of playing for the Chilean national team. In an interview with The Latest News, the former Italian Audax stated about the “golden generation” of the “Red” that “my opinion is that they still have a lot to give Chile.” We have to try to earn a job. I think that process will take place naturally, but there are great players. I’ve known everyone since I was a kid from my sparring experience,” he added. On his relationship with the selected, he argued that “Gary Medel has always been a very good person with me and with many young people. He always advises us for good.” I consider him a reference since he was a kid and being able to be on a campus with him is rewarding. Eduardo Vargas has been a great person,” said the zaguero. On his options of starting in Reinaldo Rueda’s painting, he argued that “if I get things right, I’ll have my options. On the last payroll, I’ve been summoned. But of course I take on the challenge, why not?” With regard to his experience in Mexico, he highlighted the help received by Rodrigo Millar when he played in Morelia, and the advice he received from Humberto Suazo before signing for Monterrey.

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