translated from Spanish: A man was shot in the head in an assault and survived

A man with his father lived a violent robbery in La Plata. Three criminals tried to rob the retiree and his son came out in his defense but was shot in the head. Sergio Fluxa survived the bullet but has the projectile located between his scalp and skull. The episode occurred on Monday morning when armed criminals approached Sergio’s father, a 73-year-old retiree, at the entrance of the house located at 15th Street, between 528 and 529. “Days ago it was my birthday, but today I turned my birthday again because it’s like being born again,” Sergio said hours after the attack.” It was 9:45 in the morning. My dad took out the car and then another car comes (silver-grey Chevrolet Prisma with polarized glass) and two evil ones get off. When he realized, my dad screamed; I was in the background and I went out to help him,” Sergio.Al to hear the screams, Sergio peeked out and one of the criminals threw him at point-blank range. “One sees me, points and shoots, without a word. It was a few yards away. I never imagined he was going to shoot me, let alone at such a short distance,” the victim told the newspaper El Día.

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Sergio at the time did not feel the gunshot wound to the head so he decided to run to the thieves a few meters to try to catch them, however he soon realized that he had a lot of blood on his head. Miraculously the projectile did not penetrate the skull and the man lived to tell it. “I was in hospital for seven hours. I never lost consciousness. Then I was told that the bullet was between the scalp and the bone, that I had not fractured,” the victim of the insecurity case that was treated at The Hospital San Roque in Gonnet.At the moment, the criminals remain fugitives. The holder of the 11th Precinct, Martín Patelli, met Sergio and informed him that they had identified the Prisma in security cameras and were following in his tracks.

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