translated from Spanish: Adolfo Bioy Casares: 106th birthday of birth

Adolfo Bioy Casares was born on September 15, 1914, into an upper-class family, which allowed him to devote himself to literature entirely from an early age. Although he published several books between 1929 and 1937, years later he refused that first stage of his work, forbidding his re-editing and refusing to comment on them, calling all his pre-1940 work “horrible”. In 1932 he met Jorge Luis Borges who became his close friend and with whom under various pseudonyms he published several works becoming a literary duo of excellence.

Also with Borges and Ocampo they were part of the privileged circle that led the literary magazine entitled “Revista del Sur”. In 1940 he married Silvina Ocampo, that same year he published the novel The Invention of Morel, which marks the beginning of his literary maturity. The novel featured a foreword by Borges, in which he commented on the absence of precursors of the science fiction genre in Spanish literature, presenting Bioy as the initiator of a new genre.

Morel’s involent was a work that inspired greats of culture It is highly likely that Soda Stereo vocalist Gustavo Cerati has come up with the title of the song Tea for Three when reading Bioy Casares’ novel Where fantastic projections hear Tea for Two all the time, so the title of Eternal Disco is taken from this passage : “But you might not have said it, for the first time, hours before, but a few years ago; I kept repeating it because I was in the week, on the ETERNAL DISCO” It is also believed that the Lost series, is inspired by the novel, and one of its characters appears in a chapter reading Bioy Casares’ book. 

The novel won the Municipal Prize for Literature in 1941, and by 1945 published its third novel “Plan of Evasion” set in the devil’s island prison of French Guiana. Like Borges, Bioy was an anti-zionist. In 1946 he published with Silvina Ocampo, the police novel Los los aman, odian and a collection of stories, The Celestial Plot (1948). In 1947 he wrote, in collaboration with Borges, the short story “The Feast of the Monster”.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Bioy devoted himself especially to the tale (Prodigious History, Garland with Loves, The Shadow Side, The Great Seraphim) and began his penchant for photography. 7 of his works were brought to the big screen, one of the last being “Those who love hate” written with his wife and who carried Luisana Lopilato and Guillermo Francella. 

In 1992 she suffered a fall that caused her a double hip fracture, a year later her wife, who suffered from Alzheimer’s and in 1993 her daughter, due to a fatal accident, died when she was hit by a car. The writer died on 8 March 1999 at the age of 84 from a multi-rganic failure due to his age. 

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