translated from Spanish: Extend and extend the $5,000 health staff bonus

The national government announced on Tuesday the 90-day extension of the 5,000 peso bond for health personnel and expanded the scope of the pandemic stimulus. In this way, it will now include geriatric workers, transfer services, primary care and clinical analysis workers.

The measure was announced at a press conference at the Government House by Ministers Gines Gónzalez García (Health) and Claudio Moroni (Work); with the general secretary of the CGT and holder of the Health Guild, Hector Daer. The health minister considered the 5,000 peso bond “to be a necessary stimulus for the enormous effort that health personnel are making, even if nothing equates to the risk and effort they are making during this pandemic.”

Regarding the extension of the scope of the bond, Gines González García detailed that “of 434,000 workers we paid this month, we will now almost reach 700,000 workers because the information was improved and because they will include geriatric workers, transfers, ambulances, primary care and clinical analysis”. Regarding the amount, the health portfolio holder argued that it “holds” at 5,000 pesos and the extension “will be for three months.”

For his part, The Minister of Labour, Claudio Moroni, stated that the Government “continues with this bond that helps health workers and we will now expand it” because it is considered “a fundamental sector and workers are behaving unobjectionablely.” “Go this bonus as a sign of support for that sector of health workers,” the workforce holder added.
In his turn, Daer stated that “it is a step taken by the Government of President Alberto Fernández in a sense of sustaining all the tasks that public and private health workers carry out during the pandemic”. “We are a sector that has suffered countless contagions, but we have also sustained and made our health system sustainable,” he said.

On March 27, through Decree 315, the National Government established the payment of a $5,000 bond for the months of April, May, June and July for “health workers, professionals and technicians, assistants, assistants and anyone exposed and directed to control the pandemic caused by COVID-19”.
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