translated from Spanish: Minister of Justice by Undersecretary of DD. HH: “He is a public enemy of conversion treatments, does not share or accept them to be in law”

The Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, defended in conversation with Tele13 Radio, the undersecretary of DD.HH., Lorena Recabarren, who starred in controversy after exposing in the debate of reform to the anti-discrimination law in the Senate.
On the occasion, Recabarren requested a change in the text prohibiting conversion therapies, and raised that “it could be applied in cases where the person’s consent might exist”.
Through social media, various LGBT organizations called for the resignation of the undersecretary, and by the same way, the authority said that it rejects conversion therapies “which I consider denigrating” and that “I suggested improving the wording of a detrminate indication. There was agreement from the Commission on drafting a new proposal, and it was pending a vote. I’ve never said conversion therapies can be voluntary.”

The justice holder, meanwhile, raised that Recabarren “is a public enemy of conversion treatments, does not share them, or accept that they are in law. She planned to remove them from the law.”
Larraín argued that this was a mix-up and that “what I understand she conveyed is that a person, whatever her personal situation, wants to go to the psychologist for whatever reasons she cannot be banned.”
“They’ve misunderstood her, ” he added.

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