translated from Spanish: Seremi explained that they can enter to control housing with the public force

This day the Seremi de Salud, Paula Labra, confirmed that the officials belonging to the agency will have the power to enter the homes to check that health standards are met during the celebrations of Fiestas Patrias.During the morning, the Minister of the Interior, Victor Pérez, stated that “in pandemic issues, the health authority has no restrictions, because what is at (risk) is health , the spread of the virus and therefore (must) comply with those health standards (…) Undoubtedly, not any authority can reach and enter a certain person’s home, but the health authority does so with the livelihood given to him by law.” In the same line, this afternoon the Seremi of the RM, Paula Labra, reaffirmed the sayings of the Secretary of State and noted that “We know that debate has taken place, and no order from a judge is necessary.” There are cases where the health authority has been banned from entering and, in such cases, so it is up to us under the Health Code, in fact we can sign a search warrant, which is signed by the maximum authority of the health service,” he added. The health authority further stated that “when we receive complaints or suspect that the regulations laid down, that more people are gathered in the homes, we can enter together with public forces (…) when we have suspicions or allegations that there is a blatant act, we will enter with Carabineros.” Labra emphasized that prosecutors “will always have their credential and health seremi jacket.” We know that there are unscrupulous people (…) therefore, it is essential that we be clear that our prosecutors will always have their credential with their name and behind the signature of the head of human resources of our institution, and they will also walk in institutional uniform, and always accompanied by Carabineros in these cases,” he said.

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