translated from Spanish: Sixth version of Valdivia’s International Comic Water Festival will have first virtual block in November

In the context of the pandemic by COVID-19, the organizing team of the sixth edition of the International Festival Aguacero Cómics de Valdivia, planned a series of virtual activities, which will take place from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 November under the name “first block”. 
To date there are more than twenty confirmed activities for the occasion, among which stand out talks associated with graphic narrative, illustration, children’s plays based on comics, a selection of international GIFS projects, video games, such as using the comic in the classroom, among others. 
Some of these talks will be given by the national and international guests of the contest, such as Patricia Breccia (Argentina) Josefina Larragoiti (Mexico) Renzo Soto (Chile) Jossy Alburquenque (Chile) Juan Enrique Plaza (Chile), among others.
The instance will also pay tribute by Jorge Montealegre to the cartoonist Eduardo de la Barra, known for his creations that include characters such as “El Piola y el Jaiva”, and his participation “La Firme”, “La Chiva” and in the comic “Zombies en La Moneda”. 
Together with De la Barra, a tribute will be made in life to the editor Javier Ferreras, who has been in a recognized career in the field of comics for more than 35 years.

Talks on e-commerce and creative industries
ProChile will also be present in the “first block” of the festival, who will support with talks dedicated to e-commerce and creative industries, a guest who will recount his experience with San Diego Comic Con. On the other hand, the activities will soon be released with guests from France, Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.
In this regard, the Director of the International Festival Aguacero Cómics, stated that “we are sure that this first block will nourish and enrich the development of the creative industries of the region, and why not say it, of our country. This will involve relevant actors from the world of comic and comic book graphic narrative abroad, who will tell their experiences directly, which will open up a possibility to generate important networks of contact between national and international artists.”
In the instance will also be honored Marco Rauch, who was one of the most relevant editors of recent years in the national graphic narrative industry, and acted as a collaborator of Aguacero Cómics since its inception. 
The first block that will be held by the Aguacero Cómics Festival of Valdivia, will be developed through a streaming platform, which will be announced in a timely manner through the social networks and aguacero website. 
2020 International Comic Book Competition Award
At the end of the fourth day of the “first block” of the festival, the award of the comic book contest will be held, a contest whose reception of works will end on November 1. 
It should be remembered that the call for competition of the sixth version, of the now International Festival Aguacero Comics, will consider as participants national graphic artists and internments based in Chile, excluding the winners of past versions, members of the organizing committee and members of the jury. 
For this there are three categories: Junior Category (10 to 14 years); Emerging Category (15 to 24 years); Master category (25 years and older). 

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