translated from Spanish: The Port government goes to the Supreme Court for the co-sharing agreement

After Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s statements to the presidential decree, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires worked to file its complaint with the Supreme Court of Justice and this week a legal dispute will begin from the co-authority funds promoted in the last week. It reports that the Buenos Aires government yielded 1.18% of the district’s co-pay funds, this being the first point of conflict, and will also present an appeal to curb the drip cut, estimated at 100 million pesos per day.

From the City of Buenos Aires they ensured that this decision is based on the primary objective of “defending with all legal resources the autonomy and rights of the City”. The national state-driven measure results in a reduction of 3.5% to 2.32% of the total coefficient. In order to articulate this reform, the Tax Strengthening Fund of the Province of Buenos Aires was created. The presidential decree explained that the city’s coefficient before receiving the police was 1.40% and, according to government estimates, security investment reached 0.92%.” Until justice is issued, and we hope that it will do so as soon as possible, we will have to deal with this withdrawal of funds and take some exceptional measures,” Rodríguez Larreta had advanced in the week, following his official statement in press conferrity and this wednesday the first debates in the courts will begin.

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