translated from Spanish: This will be the AMLO patriotic celebration for COVID

This year the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way patriotic festivities will be celebrated in Mexico.
In several states, local governments decided to cancel festivities to avoid crowds of people and contagions.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decided not to suspend the cry of independence but this year will be different. 
The representative will go out on the balcony at 11 at night and shout the 20 alive to the patriotic heroes and some new ones, he said on Tuesday at his morning conference. But there will be no people access to the plinth. But there will be music and fireworks like every year on the iron.
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“The Scream today, asking everyone to keep a healthy distance, even if they are in their homes, is a ceremony that can be watched on television, can be heard on the radio. We can participate from our homes, we can participate with the corresponding distance, without getting very close in the family, where we live, we can participate and remember this historical gestation of our people and the fathers and mothers of our homeland,” explained the representative.
The president said the cry is going to be broadcast on television, radio, the internet and social media. 
This year, he advanced, the deceased will be reminded of the COVID pandemic. 
Activities will begin at 4pm with the National Lottery Special Sweepstakes equivalent to the Presidential Plane. At 8.30 a.m. a Cultural Festival will begin, by 10.45 a.m. the scream ceremony begins. 
This year as there will be no people in the plinth, but a torch will be lit in the Zocalo, “the torch of hope, because hope is a very powerful force and we will succeed,” the president said on Tuesday. 
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This Wednesday, September 16, the military parade will also be different. The number of elements will be reduced, the president will not see the parade from the main balcony of the National Palace but from a temple in front of the door of the enclosure. 
“There are going to be representatives of all forces, both the Navy and the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard, but they are representations, and the planes, yes, the spectacle of the planes,” he explained.
There will also be a ceremony and award of the awards to medical staff who have cared for the pandemic sufferers. 
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