translated from Spanish: Undersecretary Martorell asked servel to “clarify” vote of covid-19 in the plebiscite

“I do not understand, in substance, how you are putting one right above the other or on the basis of what you are deciding,” the authority replied, referencing the sayings of the president of the agency’s board of directors, Patricio Santamaría.

During this day the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electoral Service (Servel), Patricio Santamaría, argued during this day that if a person who does not know that he is Covid-19 positive and is confirmed at a polling place on the day of the Plebiscite, he must vote and then the health authority will take the respective measures.” The first thing to do is to respect your right to suffrage. That’s what the Law establishes,” he said. The government reacted to her sayings, and it was undersecretariat of Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell, who assured T13 that she hopes Santamaría will clarify her words. “I hope he can explain his sayings. The only thing we, as Undersecretariat for Crime Prevention, have been entrusted to us is to establish the mechanisms to generate as much participation as possible and the greatest security measures during that day for travel.” In doing so, he raised that “if that is the vision of the President of Servel, I hope he can clarify it well and I imagine he will have the coming of the health authorities.” “I don’t understand, deep down, how you’re putting one right over the other or based on what you’re deciding,” the authority replied.

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