translated from Spanish: With road traffic demand Michoacán teachers payments to state

Michoacán.- By calling the government the state a repressor, criminal and abusive to workers, aggressed section XVIII Base Power took roads this day.
In addition to they threaten to hold their own parade tomorrow, September 16th.
The leader, Benjamin Hernández Gutierrez recalled that there are debits of more than 5 bonds for state workers, which have not been resolved, in addition to following the difference in payments with federal workers, as happened today.
In this regard, he also blamed the treatment of normalists and anyone who carries out a protest activity.
It detailed that they are owed the state productivity bond 10 days of 2016; state rezoning in 2017 and 2018; holiday premium for 2018.
Stimulus to the educational improvement of the year 2019. Annual compensation for care for telesecondary groups (due in the state since it was implemented nationally before 2013 to 2020) payable in August. Stimulus to the educational improvement of the year 2020. School Cycle Start Bonus 2020 and National Single Teacher Compensation 2020.
In addition to the fortnightly ISR, he noted, it has led to a palpable decrease in net wage and a solution to its excessive increase is required, without explanation.
The postman points intervened are the Morelia-Guadalajara, near the deviation to Gómez Farías, in Tangancícuaro, with teachers from the Zamora region and La Ciénega. In the deviation to Purépero; uruapan, on the road to Pátzcuaro; Maravatío and the Lazarus Cardenas region.

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