translated from Spanish: Banks suspend the sale of dollars to adapt their IT systems

To adapt to the new measures imposed by the Central Bank for the purchase of dollars, banks and financial institutions are updating their systems, which creates inconvenience to acquire the currency through apps or homebanking. In this way, the only channel for foreign exchange acquisition for retail buyers is down until the banks’ systems adapt to the new provisions. From financial institutions, they anticipated that the purchase transaction will be enabled again over the course of hours. On Tuesday night, the Central Bank advanced with various measures, with the aim of preserving reserves for production needs. As of today, the purchase of an official dollar will have the surcharge of 30% of the COUNTRY tax, plus a 35% collection on income or personal property tax.
The rule states that “perceptions made under this regime shall be deemed, under the tax condition of the taxable person, to be payments on account of Personal Property for those who adhere to the Simplified Small Taxpayers (Monotribute) Regime and who are not responsible for Profits”.

The perception is calculated on the foreign currency amount of the transaction (not counting the COUNTRY Tax). When advances made by an individual exceed the amount corresponding to income for Earnings and Personal Property, the surplus will be refunded.

The measure states that “subjects who have been made the perceptions, who are not contributors to Profits or, where appropriate, Personal Property, and who are therefore unable to compute the auded perceptions, may request the refund of the levy received after the end of the calendar year in which the collection was made”.
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