translated from Spanish: Chile’s Gran Fonda arrives: you put the house and Coca-Cola puts the music

It’s time to shoe a good “tiquitiquití,” shake your handkerchiefs and toast as a family: the celebration is eagerly reborn this September. In these Fiestas Patrias, together it feels better: that’s why you put the house and Coca-Cola puts the music, the eighteenth energy and much more. That is the spirit of the brand, so that this celebration does not stop by the pandemic.
This September 17th Chileans will be able to celebrate by joining “La Gran Fonda de Chile with Coca-Cola”, a free event that will be broadcast live on several platforms and that will have the participation of artists of all styles to animate the previous of the 18 and turn the house into a real fonda.
Coca-Cola’s invitation is for families to enjoy the patriotic festivities, from home security. For this, he proposes a show that will be broadcast on the TVN television signal. While the anticuchos are put together at home and the typical games are prepared, “La Gran Fonda de Chile with Coca-Cola” will accompany the intimate family party, as a brooch Juntos feels better, a campaign that sought to give a new spirit to the Fiestas Patrias in a very hard year for all Chileans.
Great moments will mark the 17th with music, contests and the good energy of “La Gran Fonda de Chile with Coca-Cola”. In addition, it will be an opportunity to learn more about how the cover of the song “La Consentida” was recorded, an iconic Chilean cuecaversioned by Tommy Rey, Denise Rosenthal, C-Funk and Magdalena Atria.
As if that weren’t enough, at 22.00 hrs. the Fonda will take the STUDIOS of TVN, in its open and digital signals. The day promises to close with a top-notch musical show, hosted by Karen Doggenweiler and a poster that already announces the numbers of Denise Rosenthal, Los Tres, Chancho en Piedra, Francisca Valenzuela and Américo.

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