translated from Spanish: Colo Colo achieved revitalizing triumph against Peñarol in the return of the Copa Libertadores

Colo Colo beat Uruguayan Peñarol 2-1 on Tuesday in the third round of the Copa Libertadores group stage, the first of the competition after the six-month period for the coronavirus pandemic.
Gabriel Suazo and Esteban Paredes, on penalties, scored for The Chieftain and turned around the scoring, which had opened the charcoal ensemble at the feet of Facundo Pellistri.
With this result, Colo Colo is placed in the second place of Group C, with 6 points, the same as Athletico Paranaense, who is a leader thanks to his better goal difference.
The result is a relief for the Chilean team, which in the local tournament is in the back spots of the standings and has not achieved victory in the four days that have been played since the competition returned on August 29.
Peñarol is severely harmed by this result, in addition to his irregular performance in the local tournament and the few options he has to get hold of the Apertura.
Colo Colo raised a very austere first half, with three midfielders such as Carlos Carmona, César Fuentes and Gabriel Suazo alienated to destroy the rival game without taking their own to the opposite door.
Striker Esteban Paredes was very lonely upstairs and barely received balls, while Peñarol dominated the game and reached Brayán Cortes’ goal with many footballers.
And while the Cacique had a clear occasion in Juan Manuel Insaurralde’s head when he took out of a corner, a stubborn man who left shortly outside the arch, it was the coalmen who won the prize for his approach and advanced on the scoreboard thanks to a counterpus led by David Terans and which Facundo Pellistri ended up executing.
In the second half the Colocolino team was more ambitious and found Marcos Bolados a very incisive and annoying player for the defense of the Uruguayans.
It was precisely Bolados who started on the left wing the play that in the end involved the tie of Colo Colo, giving a walk to Gabriel Suazo, who entered through the center and hit the goal.
Just ten minutes later, Bolados was the victim of a foul within the area that the schoolboy collected, with Esteban Paredes in charge of converting the maximum penalty.
Peñarol gave way to Spanish striker Xisco Jiménez and Hungarian midfielder Krisztian Vadócz and again squeezed and cornered Colo Colo near his area.
Joaquin Piquerez was able to match for the Carbonero, but his shot went over the crossbar, and soon after Brayán Cortés was successful in singing a strong forehand by Facundo Pellistri that might still have meant a draw.
Colo Colo was already playing with the result and did not risk, but still had one last option to make the third goal thanks to a defensive mistake by Peñarol that Javier Parraguez took advantage of, who ultimately could not beat the rival goalkeeper in the hand-to-hand.
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