translated from Spanish: Creativity, education and sustainability at the hand of the Cardboard Challenge Chile 2020

Cardboard Challenge is an annual event presented by since 2012, to celebrate child creativity and the role that communities can play in fostering it. The Global Cardboard Challenge is a year-round campaign that invites children of all ages to build anything they can dream of using cardboard, recycled materials and imagination.
This year, and in the context of health crisis, CMPC Foundation and the Center for Early Childhood Studies (CEPI), sponsor this initiative in our country, making an extensive call to participate as a family, in a virtual version that contemplates awards for the best creations and a publication with the images of the 50 most outstanding works.
“This is an initiative that gives children and the whole family the opportunity to collaborate, learn and build the things they imagine through a simple process called creative play. This also allows them to explore their interests, teaches critical thinking, ingenuity, perseverance, teamwork and other life-important skills,” explains Carolina Andueza, Executive Director of CMPC Foundation, a challenge-sponsoring institution.
For her part, Alejandra Cortázar, Researcher at the Center for Early Childhood Studies (CEPI) stressed the importance of this challenge in times of health crisis. “This has been a difficult time for both adults and children. That’s why we thought about creating an opportunity to play as a family in a fun way with the things we have at home, reducing, reusing and recycling. The Cardboard Challenge is an invitation to imagine and create.”

What is Challenge Cardboard Chile 2020
The Cardboard Challenge is an open invitation to all people from 0 to 100 years of age who live in Chile, to create a three-dimensional structure (sculpture, objects, constructions, characters, games, etc.) from cardboard and other recyclable materials found in the home. It aims to foster creativity, imagination, autonomy, collaboration of children and adults, during this time of confinement.  
The registration of the contest and creations, which may be individual or collective, will be made through the social networks of the contest using the #DesafioCartonChile2020 and once finished 3 prizes will be drawn per category and fifty creations will be selected that will be included in a publication.  
The contest will take place between September 7th and 29th, when participants will be able to register and send registration (photos) of their creations.  
The bases will be available on the Instagram of the @desafiocartonchile2020

“This is the third version of the Cardboard Challenge in Chile and we hope it will be the largest and that it will have the participation of many children and families throughout Chile,” concludes Alejandra Cortázar.

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