translated from Spanish: Culture course: “Rafael Sanzio. Silence is a way to hear the truth” online

Culture course: “Rafael Sanzio. Silence is a way of listening to the truth”

Online course through the Zoom platform. Inscriptions with Camila Mejías in
Every Monday, September 21 to October 19 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
Value: $10,000 
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Commemorating the 500th birthday of the death of Rafael Sanzio (1483-1520), the Italian Institute of Culture and Finis Terrae University offer an online course with the central aspects of the life and work of this important Italian painter and architect, icon of the Renaissance. Raffaello’s work is, together with that of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarrotti, one of the most excellent realizations of the aesthetic and humanist ideals of the Renaissance. Pablo Picasso used to say, “Leonardo da Vinci promises us heaven, Raphael gives it to us.”
The program, of five sessions that will be carried out through the Zoom platform, begins with the analysis of the historical, social and cultural context, and then reviews the references that inspired Rafael’s overflowing talent. In depth, the artist’s most significant works and legacy that has continued to inspire the greatest exponents of art history over the centuries will be analyzed.
The course is worth $10,000 that is collected and managed in its entirety by Finis Terrae University to cover the costs of it.
Digital participation diploma will be awarded to those who meet 75% attendance.
Course program
SESSION I: Monday, September 21
Historical, social and cultural context
Professor: Pedro Celedón
SESSION II: Monday, September 28
Biography: Referrers, personal history and relationships between artists
Teacher: Marilú Ortiz de Rozas
SESSION III: Monday, October 5
Rafael Sanzio: The appropriation of his legacy and contemporary art
Teacher: Claudia Campaign
SESSION IV: Monday, October 12
Architecture: The personal and professional bond.
Professor: Pedro Sánchez
SESSION V: Monday, October 19
Problems of perspective and 3D.
Professor: Ernesto Banderas.

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