translated from Spanish: Deputy Calisto for new procedures of Carabineros in the face of demonstrations: “Protocols of action must be improved in the face of violent situations”

The Chairman of the Citizen Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Miguel Angel Calisto (DC), urged Carabineros to improve protocols of action in the face of violent situations.
According to Calisto, “I think it is right that Carabineros is seeking to complement and improve its protocols with these strategies that seek to resolve potential conflicts based on dialogue. It is what one expects, especially in those manifestations that are peaceful in nature.”
“Now, it would also be good for Carabineros to start working firmly on improving his protocols and strategies when dealing with violent situations, of knowing how to differentiate violentist groups from those who are demonstrating peacefully. In this line, we propose that each policeman use a body camera to record the procedures, so that we can identify those who commit acts of violence. The idea is to separate those who are causing destruction and harm from people who are calm,” he said.
“This requires new strategies and strictly adheres to protocols for the use of non-lethal weapons, so that we do not regret the events that occurred last year that ended with hundreds of people injured by pellets, tears and eye injuries. This would greatly help improve and regain trust in our cops,” he said.
Finally, Mr Calisto assured that “among the indications to the draft modernization of the police that we discussed in the Committee on Citizen Security, we established a legal framework around the use of force by law enforcement, where we mainly enhanced the safeguarding of human rights, a modification of my authorship, which we hope will be fundamental to laying the groundwork for changes to carabinieri protocols with a view to possible new manifestations.”

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