translated from Spanish: Femicide: 78-year-old man stabbed dead his 35-year-old girlfriend

A new femicide shook the town of Isidro Casanova, from the La Matanza party today. This is a 78-year-old man, identified as Ramón Acuña, who murdered his 35-year-old girlfriend and then attempted suicide. The accused is currently being held to justice as he is the suspect in the femicide of María Dolores Juncos, in a house located in Fournier 1051 in that town. After attempting to take his life, he remains interned and will be blinded tomorrow. Prosecutor Gastón Duplaá, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Thematic Homicides of the Judicial Department La Matanza, asked the Guarantees Court this morning to convert the apprehended into detention. Acuña was charged with the crime of “murder aggravated by the relationship of existing partner with the victim and for being perpetrated against a woman by a man and mediating gender-based violence”, that is, by femicide. The scene was discovered when a cleaning worker working on the property in Acuña heard screams and with the man’s daughter they found the deceased victim in bed. In addition, the suspect was also lying on his side with gunshot wounds to his throat, so they called emergency number 911.” They had a relationship for a year now and today they supposedly had to see a house, so she stayed to sleep in his house, but she didn’t used to,” She told Telam Karina, Juncos’ sister.” He killed her with multiple stab wounds, then, from the footsteps, it is seen that he went to the bathroom and from there he went back to bed and cut his neck next to my sister, who was face down and dressed,” the victim’s sister said.” He always had those starts of yelling at him, he threatened her, he had to run out to be with him if he felt bad,” Karina said, Scientific Police personnel, in charge of the experts arranged by prosecutor Duplaa, kidnapped a knife that will be analyzed in order to establish whether it was actually the one used to kill the woman, who lived in Lomas de Zamora with his three daughters of 15 , 10 and 8 years. “I want you to be imprisoned and pay for what you did, ” concluded Karina.

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