translated from Spanish: Fourth since March: Government enters congressional-approved project on labor protection procedure

On Wednesday, the government entered a new veto on a project approved by Congress. This time, it is the initiative on the field of labour protection procedure, a project submitted by opposition senators and which was dispatched on 18 August.
After being announced by Senate Secretary Raúl Guzmán, he will move to the Labor Committee for review.
The text aims to incorporate into public sector industrial relations the procedure of labour protection, allowing these workers to self-defence acts aboard that relationship and to infringe their fundamental rights.
The draft also amends the Labour Code as to clarify the scope of action of the Labour Directorate in the field of labour protection and clarifies the payment of compensation for public sector workers if the complaint is accepted for this reason.
As reported from the Government, the veto seeks to replace one of the approved articulations and another to abolish it “with the aim of endothing this procedure in the clearest and most consistent way possible to public officials”.
These observations point to the powers of the Labour Directorate in the implementation of the labour protection procedure, specifying that the rule does not apply to members of the Armed Forces, Order and Public Security.
Since March, the Government has filed four vetoes. Among them, the veto to the project that prohibited the cutting of basic services given the health crisis, the implementation of a new system of protection specialized to children and adolescents (new Sename) and that which allowed the non-payment of movement permits as a product of the pandemic.

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