translated from Spanish: Maly Jorquiera was thrilled to tears after analysis of Kenita Larraín’s numerology

Maly Jorquera was thrilled to tears, after María Eugenia Larraín, who was present in the program “Sigamos de Largo” analyzed her date of birth based on the discipline of numerology. The blonde asked her a series of questions, as if she had ever had a connection to other plans, to which Maly replied: “I see dead people, who have left me, come to visit me. I’ve got all that stuff.” Afterwards, Kenita commented: “There may have been a fact in your life that marks you a lot, where you are in the previous stage, at a very painful time as of unhappiness, but then it comes as this call from above and it is like your life changes from one moment to the next. It’s actually called the resurrection.” Surprised, Jorquera recalled the birth of her son Lucas. “Master Kenita! (…) I had a super difficult birth… I got a haemorrhage that I’m leaving, (Sergio) Freire next door, and I said ‘I’m leaving, I’m dying.’ They didn’t believe me. Suddenly I left and saw my mom (deceased) who grabbed my arms tight and told me I had to go back. I didn’t want to go back,” he said. It was so much the pain I felt, and since I hadn’t had a connection with my son, it was like no… and my mom sent me back. It’s crazy, you described it very much as it was, a death and resurrecting.” He even assured that with his mother in life “we had a very bad time both and now that I had to ‘therapy’ and get ahead of a lot of things, I get along better. It’s the life I had to live, but it’s sad anyway. I feel it now when I’m with my son,” she said.

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