translated from Spanish: PlayStation 5: How much sony’s new console will cost in Argentina

After the announcement of the release date and the price of the two PlayStation 5 models, the most anticipated data arrived: how much they will cost in our country. Much was speculated about the local price of the console and local Sony representatives announced the price in local pre-sale currency of the consoles, which will arrive in our country during the month of December. The regular PlayStation 5, which includes disc reader and in the United States will cost $500, will reach our country at 99,999 pesos; while the digital model, the only difference of which is that it does not allow the use of games in physical format, will cost 75,999 pesos in the pre-sale.

PlayStation 5 pre-sale prices in Argentina Picture: Sony

Of the accessories only the price of the DualSense joystick was confirmed, which in the United States will be priced at 70 dollars and in our country will be offered at 9,299 pesos. Taking the value of the official dollar to about 80 pesos (rounding up) for sale, the local price of PlayStation 5 would be about $1250 for the most expensive model ($500), and $950 for the purely digital model ($400). With the new 35% additional tax announced yesterday and started to be implemented today, those who purchase the console abroad must take into account the cost of the hardware, 30% of the country tax and 35% of the new tax. Considering these additional consoles of $400 and $500 would cost about $660 and $825, respectively, abroad. The console does not have a confirmed release date in our country.
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