translated from Spanish: They throw a beer that changes in price according to deforestation in the Amazon

An amazing environmental initiative was launched by a Brazilian company to prevent deforestation in the Amazon. It is a beer whose price varies every week depending on the rates of deforestation in that area. The money raised from the drink called “Amazon Colorado” is earmarked for 600 families from a network of Amazonian communities made up of indigenous, riverside and farmers. “When deforestation is reduced, the price of low beer, and the lower the most expensive jungle will be the amazonian Colorado can,” explains in a statement the company Cervecería Colorado, responsible for the initiative and part of the Brazilian brewery group AmBev. “More than a beer, we are committed to biodiversity conservation and stand by those who respect and help keep the Amazon going. That’s why we surround ourselves with serious partners who live and care for the jungle day by day,” said Guilherme Poyares, marketing manager at Cervecería Colorado.A few days ago the beer suffered the first adjustment in its price, since the initial was 5.49 reais and went to 08.01, i.e. an increase of 45.9%. According to the latest data from the Institute for Space Research (Inpe), last August deforestation reached 1,359 kilometers of forest, compared to 1,714 square kilometers of the previous year. Despite the decline, environmental organizations consider the figures alarming.

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