translated from Spanish: Transfer of judges: Senate to discuss measure set out in Macri management

The Senate of the Nation will debate from 14 o’clock, in special session, the opinion rejecting the transfers of three judges who had been arranged by the Government of Mauritius Macri.La session will be held after the Supreme Court dismissed Macri.La request for “urgent treatment” of the appeal rejected in a first-instance ruling that cameramen Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi filed to prevent the Senate from reviewing their transfers. The session was convened for 14:00 and a tense discussion is planned between the two main benches, while Together for Change formally requested a previous special session (by 12:00) to discuss other projects, such as the knowledge economy.

However, the Front de Todos has a sufficient majority to manage the House’s agenda as well as to approve the opinions rejecting the transfers of the three cameramen, made by decree during the management of former President Mauricio Macri.Specificwise, Bruglia and Bertuzzi were transferred from the Federal Criminal Court 4 of the Federal Capital to Chamber 1 of the National Chamber of Appeals in criminal and federal correctional.Both cameramen intervened in the so-called cause “of the corruption notebooks” investigating the alleged payment of coimas in public works during the Kirchnerista administration between 2003 and 2015, which highlights opposition to argue that the cancellation of transfers is part of a “search for impunity”. Instead, Cristina Kirchner he he said in recent days that Together for Change wants to leave the cameramen in their current place to “ensure impunity” of the former Macri officials also involved in cases of alleged corruption. In any case, the session will begin with another topic and will be the ratification of the decree of presidency 14/20 which decided to renew for 60 days the remote sessions, while discussing in this regard terms similar to those of the agreement reached in Deputies by all parliamentary forces. It will also address the project aimed at creating a “National Defence Fund” (FONDEF) to retrofit the Armed Forces, which in principle has consensus between the two majority spaces.

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