translated from Spanish: Contralorito’s strategic messages

He is one of the most famous state corporeals of recent years. It was created with the aim of bringing the work of the Office of the Office of the Office of the General Council (CGR) closer to citizens and on Twitter alone has more than 125 thousand followers, with comments and information that, in most cases, are widely commented on and disseminated. A character who doesn’t go unnoticed and sometimes pulls out more than one welt with his explicit or implied messages.
These days, the Contraloria is the focus of criticism from La Moneda y Carabineros for the administrative summary it conducted against seven active generals of the High Command of the uniformed police, an investigation that is in the position-making phase.
The controversy has been growing during the week, as not only has Carabineros questioned the summary, and the defense of the seven generals considered the investigation “illegal”, but also the interior minister, Victor Pérez, has publicly endorsed the work of the uniformed police in the social outburst, a period that is investigated by the CGR: “We are sure that the charges that the Contraloria brings will be reversed (…). The Government has been extraordinarily clear in this situation, we have supported the action of Carabineros. I believe that the current High Command has had to face an extraordinarily complex situation at the levels of violence, so we believe that those actions that they carried out are within the framework of the law.”
On Tuesday, September 15, the Contraloria released a public communiqué in which it defended its action, founded and supported – stated in the text – in article 98 of the Constitution and called it a “legal duty” to carry out these summaries.
Coincidentally, after this statement, Contralorito left some messages on Twitter, such as this Wednesday 16: “-A letter has arrived/ -For whom?/ -For you, Contralorito/ -And what does it say?/ -That you continue to do your work entrusted constitutionally and legally, autonomously and without pressure”. A tweet that in a couple of hours alone had 250 comments, 1,800 retuits and 8,400 likes.
He wasn’t the only one. The same Tuesday, after the CGR’s statement was made public, there was another Message from Contralorito alluding to the “virtuous circle of doing your work on the basis of your legal and constitutional powers,” in which he explained each of the steps in that circle: “You make use of your legal powers,” “Fiscalize and Control,” “JUM! People get angry because you do your best” and finally, “You get on with your job, because you still understand, that of course, nobody likes to be controlled.”

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