translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: call for “urgent and supportive action to save lives”

Every day the pandemic takes lives, putting at stake the realities of multiple families and workers who are crossed by the epidemiological situation that transits the country. In this context, Covid-19 Human Rights Protection Initiative (IRDH) convened an “Urgent and Solidarity Action to Save Lives” in the provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Córdoba, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Río Negro and Ciudad de Buenos Aires, within a press conference. According to the information provided by the Télam news agency, almost thirty scientists, researchers, representatives of HRD agencies, health workers, trade union entities and other civil society associations from these seven provinces and the City were present with the aim of showing “the reality that the provinces are going through , in many of which the collapse of the health system has already occurred and the population is suffering its consequences.”

“We are facing an unvisitable catastrophe, where the dead are not seen and families weep in solitude. We will appeal to the collective consciousness to take social retraction measures, in order to contribute to the urgent and necessary decline in viral circulation,” said the Covid-19 Human Rights Protection Initiative through a statement. The opening was carried out by Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Founding Line) Taty Almeida and Vera Jarach; chemical sciences doctor and biologist Ernesto Kornblihtt; and university professor and engineering doctor Rodrigo Castro.

The Covid-19 Human Rights Protection Initiative (IRDH) called this morning an “urgent and supportive action to save lives” Page 12

In addition, as analysts will participate: the head of UCI of the Hospital San Martín de La Plata, Elisa Estenssoro; the bioinformatics, university professor and assistant researcher of the Conicet, Rodrigo Quiroga; engineering doctor, teacher and researcher at Conicet Ernesto Kofman; and biologist and teacher Franco Leonel Marsico.” It is regrettable how in these seven provinces they do not care for their citizens. And to think that most of these territories have voted for them,” Almeida said, in statements spread on Page 12. “We don’t ask them, we demand, to take care of people, to prioritize life, to avoid avoidable deaths,” he added.” We will also send our great concern to the President of the Nation, together with a concrete proposal that we have agreed with those of us who are organizing this urgent action,” they said. The IRDH of the City of Buenos Aires was launched on July 15, at the request of the Observatory for the Defense of Human Rights of Commune 3, the Argentine Network of Health Researchers and the Center for Studies for Territorial Development (Cedet).” This new Initiative seeks to enhance the work of each organization by incorporating the contributions of science and new technologies to launch basic human rights violation detection devices that are at stake in this pandemic in CABA and that particularly affect the most vulnerable sectors of the population,” they said at their founding.
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