translated from Spanish: Eduardo Fuentes on Chile’s Come on: “The animators owe us people (…) we must be now.”

Tomorrow begins the solidarity campaign “Come on Chileans!”. The program will last 13 hours and seeks to help more than 50 thousand older adults, the most affected during the pandemic.
“Television has to have a habit of being present at a time when the country suffers,” says Eduardo Fuentes, who will be encouraging the campaign in his first block in the company of Karen Doggenweiler, Tonka Tomicic, Julian Elfenbein, Diana Bolocco and Christian of the Fountain. The journalist will also participate in the closing of the event on Saturday between 23:00 and 2:00 hours.
How has the pandemic and quarantine affected you?

I kept going to work every day to “True Lies” and other programs. Still, we distance ourselves from people we love very much and who are looking forward to seeing… I think it has affected us like many other people, but always understanding that we live the situation with a little more privilege, in terms of space and health care.
How long have you been planning to participate in the campaign?

From the first moment. When we were just watching the possibility of doing a special show on TV.
What motivates you to join the cause?

I think this is something we have to do as communicators. We too have to be available to the causes and television has to have a habit of being present at times when the country suffers. We are a country that suffers enough and quite often. I believe that we are in a position of privilege, we owe ourselves to people, and all the more reason we must be in those moments.
You’ll be cheering at the beginning and end of “Come on Chileans!” what’s it like to be in the most important stages?

I don’t think it’s important who we are at the beginning or the closing. We’re not above our peers who are going to be there at other moments, the important thing is to be there. One assumes this project with professionalism, with humility. The communicators have to be not only in the good ones, which are fed up, but also in the bad ones. This pandemic has stripped away all the fragility of our country and that’s why it’s so important to be there, present. And as always, trying to contribute a grain of sand.
There will be many animators gathered in each block, do they have planned health measures?

Yes, of course. The organization always takes very intense security measures. We saw it also in Teleton, which was one so different from the last one. The organization takes great care of us, so we feel cared for, protected in that context.

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