translated from Spanish: INDH balance sheet 11 months after the social outburst: a total of 2,499 complaints have been filed and there are 28 formalized causes

The National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) published a new balance sheet of figures of the legal actions brought by the body before the courts of justice, 11 months after the start of the social outburst in Chile.
In this regard, Sergio Micco, director of the INDH noted that “advancing judicial cases are a part of the way to achieve truth and justice, and are also a form of reparation for victims. Another part of the way will be taken with the results of the administrative procedures carried out by Carabineros, and that is why we insist on the importance that, one year after the social crisis, we are able to see concrete results.”
As of 15 September, the INDH accounted for a total of 2,499 complaints filed, of which 2,329 are directed against Carabineros, 126 against the military, 22 against the Investigation Police (POI) and 1 against Gendarmerie.
Within these, there are 169 complaints associated with eye trauma.
Of the total complaints filed, there are 28 cases formalized at the national level and 68 people charged. These are 64 Officers of Carabineros and 4 of the Armed Forces (3 military and 1 member of the Marine Corps).
The INDH reported that these were 1,627 complaints for illegitimate constraints; 191 for unnecessary violence; 6 for murder; 471 for torture; 82 for abuse; 12 for very serious injuries; 4 for serious injury; 11 for torture; 38 for manslaughter; 55 By illegitimate apprehends; 1 for unwarranted shots, and 1 for obstruction of justice.

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