translated from Spanish: The campaign to help John who moved Twitter

The pandemic is full of stories that come to us every day, entrepreneurs, people who are doing what they can to survive this situation that has left us paralyzed for 199 days. And in the midst of so much bad news, numbers and statistics. We found John’s story. A Twitter user opened a thread to help this local merchant, a neighbor, who last year, with the savings of his lifetime, decided to open a food venue so he could work. The pandemic made it impossible and John who is alone in his place, all day waits for the phone to ring in order to cook. 

This is Juan. He opened his restaurant in April last year, putting the savings of a lifetime with the illusion of being able to work, sales came wrong and since he started quarantine he could not sell any more, there are days he sells a meal and there are days that he sells absolutely nothing. — Dani (@dani_furne)
September 16, 2020

He is a tenant, owes several months’ rent and is also diabetic, this alone and there are days he only delivers an order take way because he has no delivery. But thanks to the help of people, this man’s situation began to change. 

he is a tenant and is desinging several months’ rent. Very nice kitchen and it is super hygienic. He’s just working alone and he’s diabetic.
The address is Avenida Caseros 4102. Phone: 75005153 , the phone is fixed is not added neither 15 nor 11. — Dani (@dani_furne)
September 16, 2020

All Juan wants is to work, open at 11 a.m. until 23hs waiting to cook, and thus survive. 

People who started reading the twitter thread became interested in the story and offering what he had, some donated the remedies to him, others opened a facebook, or an instagram to advertise to him and fundamentally began to arrive orders. People went to the place to buy him and put the dishes on the networks to promote. 

In gratitude, he made a video that thrilled everyone. It’s just that sometimes social media is the means to help. And the Argentinians, we are first and foremosy a people of solidarity. So if you’re from the area and want to eat rich, they told me Juan Cooks great!

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