translated from Spanish: Archbishop Aós for the Plebiscite: “Participate, make your contribution by expressing your will through the vow; participate, to decide well “

The Archbishop of Santiago, Celestino Aós, headed the traditional Ecumenical Te Deum of Fiestas Patrias, with an emphasis on the pandemic for the coronavirus, but also with a call to exercise the right to vote in the Plebiscite on October 25th. The authority said at the traditional ceremony, that for health reasons it developed in the sanctuary of Cerro San Cristóbal outdoors and not in the Metropolitan Cathedral, that there are “problems before which you cannot close your eyes” in Chile and that “we are not one of those who do not see or do not want to see because they think that this no longer exists problems”.” The pandemic urges us in such a hurry and breadth that we could forget about the other challenges,” Aós said, and detailed that there are problems that “remain there,” such as crime, unemployment, difficulties for older adults and migrants and with indigenous peoples, where he said that “the ever intolerable violence that comes to fall and abuse against children and women and against the elderly.” Referring to the pandemic and social problems, the Archbishop noted that “times come that require the best of us, every decision passes through us” and that there is “work so that justice and truth are at the basis of our projects. This implies first of all, participating in the instances of choice and decision.” Participate, make your contribution by expressing your will through voting; participate, to decide well: inform yourself, to tell you the consequences of each option, but do not allow anyone to force you how to vote or for anyone to decide for you,” he stressed, referencing the Plebiscite.

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