translated from Spanish: Bitter debut of Mauritius Island: Independiente del Valle beat Flamengo and gave him his worst defeat in Copa Libertadores

The Independiente del Valle won Flamengo, the reigning champion, on Thursday, the worst defeat of his history in the Copa Libertadores after 5-0 in the match that opened the third day of Group A of the competition.
The result erects the Ecuadorian team as the best not only in their area but among the 32 participants of the group stage of the tournament, since it adds 3 wins to the thread, with 11 goals in favor and none against and 9 points harvested.
Youth midfielder Moisés Caicedo in the 40th minute, defenseman Angelo Preciado at 49, Panamanian goalscorer Gabriel Torres in ’59, attacker John Jairo Sánchez in ’81 and defender Beder Caicedo in ’92 scored the goals of the goal.
Flamengo tried to stop with the order and hierarchy that led him to win the title of the contest last year, but resisted local dominance until the 40th minute.
For his part, the champion of the last Copa Sudamericana seized control with a good touch of ball, precision and mobility of his men and created the gaps necessary to score the goal.
The characteristic of the Valley painting was to touch the ball accurately and also move its figures precisely.
Defenseman Luis Segovia from the edge of the opposing area fired a violent shot, Caesar rejected and saved his team in the 16th minute.
Jerson detached himself to the left-wing attack, stood and topped pumped over the over the arch, at 24.
Torres caught a long rejection of his defenses and in the counterattack he encountered only the goalkeeper, but his shot was directly at Caesar’s hands, at 37.
A very good woven between Beder Caicedo for Moisés Caicedo, who only opened the bar, deceived the opposing defenders, the ball arrived in Torres, who returned the wall to the juvenile, who with solvency pushed the ball to the bottom of the Brazilian door to open the account.
Right-hand defender Angel Preciado, from the left side, scored a high shot that overcavised the goalkeeper’s effort to turn another beautiful one into the 49th minute.
The fourth was both anthology, with splendid heels of attacker Sanchez, who could not refuse a defenseman or the goalkeeper of the visiting box, in the 81st minute.
The fifth was scored by the defender Beder Caicedo in the 92nd minute, to transform the night into a real torment for the Spanish coach Domenec Torrent, debutant in the Copa Libertadores and hired last July by Flamengo to replace the Portuguese Jorge Jesús.

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