translated from Spanish: Government of Morelia reported, continues with the attraction of investments to the municipality

Morelia, Michoacán.- With the commitment of the Government of Morelia to be a municipality generating the conditions for attracting investments and facilitating conditions for them with entrepreneurs, the Secretary of Economic Development (SEFECO), Gabriela Molina Aguilar, representing the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, came to the inauguration of the first sustainable fashion store in Mexico of different brands called , “RECHido”, reduces, reuses, recycles, which opened its doors in Plaza San Miguel, located in Periférico Revolución 120-164, near the Glorieta exit Charo, reported in a statement.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of ReChido México, Alfonso Martínez Equihua, emphasized his thanks for being able to launch a project that had 3 years of planning and that was given thanks to an international alliance between companies such as MARVES (Michoacana), Megapaca of Guatemala and the facilities granted by authorities such as the Government of Morelia. This store recycles semi-new clothing collected by different branded stores in our country by considering that 75 percent of these textiles are thrown away without giving it a proper refuse.
With 50 thousand low-cost garments, Mexican clothing of different brands for Mexicans, this company joins the 47 thousand economic units that the municipality has highlighted the owner of SEFECO, who would emphasize that the business openings of this area allow from the City Council and with coordination with other levels of government and sectors of society , the promotion, formation of a sustainable and sustainable culture of textile consumption and use.
In this regard, Molina Aguilar recalled that Morelia has 3 investment potentials such as: being a logistical point that concentrates the generation of 27% of National Gross Domestic Product (GDP); has human capital, as a consumer and developer of ideas; the large amount of natural resources that the municipality has, which makes it a nerve point of investment.
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This type of company has opened about 80 stores in cities such as Guatemala and Honduras, ReChido will be the first of its kind in Mexico and Morelia, which offers sustainable fashion, with less impact to the planet by the creation of textiles, will solve the need for clothing of Mexican families, morelian, at low cost, with less environmental impact and a generation of direct and indirect jobs of 150 people , approximately, an investment of 25 million pesos, with projection for growth to take it to more cities.

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