translated from Spanish: Guatemalan president tested positive for coronavirus

Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammattei confirmed this Friday that he has tested positive for COVID-19, clarifying that his case has been classified as “mild”. Despite the above, the representative has said he felt “as if a train had passed him over” despite not having a fever and having “a controlled cough”. “I have a lot of body pain (…) but blood tests are positive,” He said in statements to radio station Radio Sonora.” We’re going to tell you how we’re going to proceed as we go along,” he said before insisting that explanations will be given for “every symptom I have: “I think it’s going to help a lot of people understand the disease more and how we can attack it,” he added. On the situation in Guatemala, it has ensured that “this continues and the Government will continue to work to get the country ahead”. Giammattei, who has completed a total of six tests, has explained that he was in contact with an infected person during an event at the National Palace of Culture, so he decided to isolate himself last week. In this regard, it reported that all ministers had been instructed to undergo a coronavirus test and alerted them that they all attended the celebrations in question, although they wearing masks at all times. Thus, he has assured that he would continue to work telematically and indicated that, if his health was aggravated, he would have to be admitted. “This is a sign that all Guatemalans are exposed to the virus,” the government said in a statement. The Central American country has surpassed 84,000 cases of coronavirus since the onset of the pandemic, with a total of 3,076 deaths.

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