translated from Spanish: In support of the public, it agrees Cabildo to extend actions in his favor in the face of health contingency

Morelia, Mich. – In order to extend the benefits to society in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and stimulate economic recovery, the Cabildo de Morelia authorized this afternoon, in an extraordinary session, the extension of the term of shares in its favour, therefore they will be able to access discounts on fines and surcharges on concepts such as the property, extensions for the renewal of licenses and the non-suspension of drinking water service in the face of delays in payment in drinking water in the period contingency.
The administration headed by the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco, has carried out, from various trenches, actions to avoid greater impacts on citizens in the face of health contingency, such as the aforementioned collection strategy, which has allowed to better address the situation and at the same time promote public work in this year.
Therefore, in view of the good results that this plan has yielded, the Cabildo chose to extend the benefits until November 30, 2020, so that citizens, according to the situation of each of them, will be able to access discounts on fines and surcharges, as well as extensions for renewal of licenses to establishments.
With this, moraying morayers, by property, tax on waste lots and advertising rights, owners of establishments or economic units, will be able to go to the Municipal Treasury to make the application of if it is processed.
This measure also guarantees the supply of drinking water to those who have been affected by the contingency, this, as a measure to ensure the health of all families.

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