translated from Spanish: Sudan: government will cut the internet in the country so students don’t copy

The inhabitants of Sudan, Africa are surprised by the extreme measure that the government took in the face of exams for admission to the University. By text message citizens were notified about the decision to cut off internet service for 3 hours for several days. But precisely from September 16th to 24th on the schedule between 8 am and 11 am they will not be able to access Wi-Fi as they fear that students will be copied the test answers. Cutting affects only mobile connections, because this keeps the wired connection operational, which is what is used in banks, companies and state institutions. The idea is not to completely isolate the country. A source from the Communications Authority told the EFE agency that the order came from the “higher authorities,” because they fear that young people would “cheat on a large scale,” as happened three years ago, when some questions were leaked and the Ministry of Education was forced to take the exams again. This year 522,000 students showed up to take the exams that would or did not allow them to enter the University. 

In the Sudan region, 3 Movíl telephony companies operate their services to some 31 million people and 13 million internet data subscribers. This government-taken move is not unusual for the country, it is also often implemented when social demonstrations or protests occur. 

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