translated from Spanish: The Argentine game that is raging worldwide

Asked Cars is a revamped version of the trivia classic of Q&A “Asked” created by the company founded in Argentina in 2009 Entermax. And it quickly became a worldwide hit surpassing 1.5 million downloads on mobile phones. The application is available for both operating systems: Android and iOS and translated for 10 languages. 

In Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Turkey a few weeks after its release, the game reached the top spot for trivia on iOS and the same for the racing games category. At the same time it remains in the Top 3 of most downloaded games and in the Top 15 of most used applications in Argentina and Spain. 

For the Android operating system the trend is similar occupying the top download positions in Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Colombia, Italy, united States and Brazil. The game consists of answering questions of general culture and different categories such as: Art, Science, Geography, History, Entertainment and Sports where at the beginning of the game the player will be located with 9 other players in real time and as he responds correctly progresses. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other players, until they are the only one on the court. 

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