translated from Spanish: The ‘Naughty’ Maple claims that he will disrespect Julius Caesar Chavez

The mochitense Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce has taken his preparation very seriously and warns that now he will disrespect the Legend of Mexican Boxing, Julio César Chavez, when both former world teams face off for the third time in an exhibition match, to be held next Friday, September 25 in Tijuana, Baja California.The two former boxers have launched messages on social media, with motivp of their confrontation taking place for the benefit of a noble cause, as the proceeds will be for JC Chavez’s rehab clinics, in which people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction are helped.
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The event that will be closed door, will have another actractive, since Julio César Chávez Jr, former world champion of middleweight of the WBC, will seek to return to the path of triumph by facing Mario Cázares, who marches undefeated in Sinaloan duel.” Old Picudo @Jcchavez115, as Espinosa Paz’s song says ‘I see you next Friday, the same and you hit me, just like and I explain, that I need you’, Aaaoouuu is short of time and I’m telling you a secret, I’m anxious to disrespect you to the Great Mexican Champion,” Jorge Arce wrote on his Twitter account.
In another of his messages, the Naughty said, “Good morning my race, with the novelty that I got back the pants size 28 was already in 30, but I put on the batteries, I went back to size 28, I think William Levy now yes, hold on old picudo. Buy your accesses now on Sú Don’t miss the Chinga.” Jorge Arce was world champion in five different divisions, being the first Mexican to achieve it. In this role, his nephew Karim “Traviesito” Arce, a People’s Promotions fighter, will face David ‘El Choko’ Martino, who, although he is only 22 years old, already has good experience. For Karim Arce it will be the first time he will share a billboard with his famous uncle Jorge Arce.

Original source in Spanish

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