translated from Spanish: Three Octobers and the end of the Yes dream

In the last half century, Chile – true to its seismic geological activity – has had unique episodes of great intensity. Chile’s 1970s was an experimental milestone for the world, and the birth of triumphant Marxism arose from the polls. This cataclysm for world understanding lasted only 3 years and was suddenly suppressed. What would be 17 years of dictatorship, of much cruelty and of the construction of a design of society, of a model, or of an idea of society that managed to pass intact the regime change of 1990 and that also managed to overcome quietly until October 18 last, there began the wob and nervousness of the awakening of that long dream for some and the eternal nightmare of others. Soon after, an agreement is signed in the early hours of the morning that seals the possibility of rewriting a new opportunity for life and that at the minute of today has a large part of those who quietly dreamed of that dream of the country of yes, with an angry and tremendous despair.
In another October, on a long day in 1988 when Cardemil brazenly lied to an entire nation and when the desire to ignore everything was railed until the last minute, tension could no longer and the popular will to say no more Pinochet in the armchair of power was fulfilled.  That’s all that happened that day. That day, the possibility of Chilean society concretating a dictatorship of brutalities at the ballot box and set free elections to have a new system, a democratic system from 1990 onwards. No one doubts that taking that dictatorship out in such a civilized, so civic way is something that is worthy of recognition especially considering the prevailing fear and the difficultness of dealing with personalities of such power and tyranny. Recognizing this, there is no doubt, too, that what was achieved that Day of October in ’88, can only be referred to that. Since he lost the Yes option, but in the same way they had already won the social order with which the representatives of option No would rule. The drawing of that triumph in the background began 8 years earlier when in 1980 the current constitution that governs us comes out of a cave. In that letter of dubious scrutiny, the future, or the safeguarding of his country idea, was largely fixed.  In those 17 years Chile changed the paradigm of its operation experimentally. Education, health, transport, natural resources, pension system, few industries, and a long etc., all became part of that idea that wealth would solve everything, and that the rich by becoming immensely rich would bring progress to the rest of the population. There is no expert who does not consider Chile to be an anomaly case, since privatizing education, or health, or water were actions that exceeded the established and that it was transformed into immorality. Because it is immoral for people to die in a row of a hospital, or in the record of a role waiting for an operation, or it is equally immoral that a person who worked as a teacher for 30 years, has less than 300 thousand pesos of pension, or it is immoral that freedom of teaching makes there professional degrees that are worth 0 pesos for the market with little chance of practicing his profession , or it is also immoral, for example, that there are people in Chile who have thousands of litres of water inscribed in their name in perpetuity.  This construction of Chile was achieved and materialized with the famous 30 years following as the slogan coined at the outbreak, of October a year ago. Getting Pinochet out of power wasn’t free, he had a very high cost to pay.
There is a mixture of repentant and proud of Chile’s post-90 democracy. There are those (all part of the same elite) who advocate and mention poverty reduction, access to mainly goods of all kinds, and how fundamentally what for them was the middle class. They emphasize first-generation university students within low-income families, and raise social mobility as a plausible path. They say that all this was made possible mostly by responsible economic growth from the point of fiscal vita. Repentants become self-criticism (also part of the same elite) that that economic growth was with outrageous economic deregulation. Allusions from different markets, scabous financing of politics, and above all, un guaranteed social rights came to light. Health for the rich and the poor, misery for the elderly, education for the rich and the poor, housing and land for the rich and the poor. Terr marginalityitorial citizenship, and ungodly apathy about what was going on in the country, result; Social outburst. Last October 18, he said that society that is widely unequal and widely lacking in protection and access to its citizens must come to an end. There are certainly conglomerates, families, businesses, people, who from the year 80 onwards had been benefiting from the model of life that we leaded, but the stretch of the number of people living the precariousness of the day to day increased to such an extent that it pulverized the sense of tranquility that showed the same as a country worthy of the OECD , or at least appear to be.
The last of the Octobers, it will be in a little over a month. Again at the polls the country – I have no doubt – will manifest itself to return to the course. It is valuable to think of a blank sheet, however, it is also a call to be alert, because the game of the country, power and elites has one last enclave to overcome, that is, that the constitution be written with unsound pencils, with ordinary people of full independence. Accommodatingly, the politicians and the paintings they represent managed to continue to prevail in the future constitutional discussion by making independence in the construction of the new idea of society reduced to a minimum. However, I believe that the recent pressure caused the unthinked, the 10% money being taken into the financial structure of economic groups (AFPs), makes it possible to think that with the same pressure we are in time to overcome the last enclave we have.  By the way, for these days SERVEL was published how it has been invested either in apprehending or rejection, and it is no coincidence that what is invested in rejection exceeds by more than 9 times the apruebo. The desperation of power and the elites of losing on the court and having new rules of the game is total.
We are just over a month away from starting to wake up from what has been a long and sweet dream for some and a horrible nightmare for others. Don’t let your guard down!

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