translated from Spanish: Mayor Codina repudiated comments from announcer Pablo Aguilera on Puente Alto

The mayor of Puente Alto, Germán Codina, repudiated and regretted the comments issued by the announcer Pablo Aguilera as part of a news story involving the commune, and in which he assured that in it live «pure flaites». Aguilera commented, in her radio home, the news of the recent cougar that was sighted in the commune of the capital, and speculated, that the animal had returned to its habitat after seeing that in Puente Alto «there are pure flaites, they are stealing, making disorders and infecting people; I’d better go to my hill.» With deep sadness we have received the appeals of the communicator Pablo Aguilera in Radio Pudahuel,» the mayor of Puentealtino lamented. Before them, «along with waiting for the corresponding public apologies, I call on each chilean and Chilean to carry out a process of self-criticism, because permanently in many of the actions we undertake day by day lies a classist gaze, the same as so brazen and painfully heard in the words of Pablo Aguilera», called Codina.The community chief questioned the sayings. , where he also raised that «recognizing mistakes makes us great and it is important to modify behaviors like this, which only damage the dignity of the people with which we should build a healthy coexistence, that understands and respects our differences without belittling others for thinking or acting differently, having other preferences or having faced their lives with unequal opportunities and conditions» Concluded.

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