translated from Spanish: Profeco reveals what consommé cubes are made of

CdMx.- The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) revealed the components of broth cubes or broths widely used in the kitchen to flavor the dishes.
The product that can be found in three presentations: granules, powder or cubes, is governed by the Mexican Standard NMX-F-603-NORMEX-2003.
According to this regulation chicken broth cubes must contain a minimum of 6 percent total protein, so the reconstituted products must contain 50 mg/l of nitrogen from meat and at least 400 mg/l of poultry fat, and can be added with different fats.
However, the last analysis carried out in 2017 by the National Consumer Protection Laboratory, found that chicken broth cubes have as their main ingredient salt, amount varying from 10.36 to 3.43 grams per 250 ml depending on the brand. As for saturated fats, it contains 0.03 to 0.80 grams in every 250 ml of the product.
Profeco emphasized that according to its composition, the broth does not have a significant supply of nutrients and exalted that they do not correspond to products totally of animal origin, since they are added with proteins and vegetable fats.
Such products contain monosodium glutamate, used to boost taste, but which increase sodium content.
The Office of the Attorney General also noted that the cube presentation has more fat than dust.

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