translated from Spanish: To achieve Trump Bytedance’s yes he proposes to take out Tik Tok Stock Exchange in the US

USA.- The new company Bytedance plans to bring to the U.S. public Tik Tok Global, this is the new company that will operate the successful application of short videos that have invaded social networks, in case the US government of its approval of the Partnership agreement with Oracle, according to different media. The OPV could be submitted within one year of the negotiations. Not launching the IPO in the United States, not China or Hong Kong, was one of several commitments made by Tik Tok’s owner to combat concerns about the national security of the Donald Trump Administration to prevent the ban on implementation across the country.
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It should be mentioned that the aforementioned plan envisages that the application of the moment Tik Tok will remain in the hands of Bytedance and opens the door to Oracle, this will be its technological partner. Trump has as a proposal that Bytedance transfer all its assets to the new Tik Tok Global company involving Oracle and Walmart and in which venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and General Atlantic, which own 40 percent of the Chinese group, would remain present. However, taking Tik Tok to the U.S. Stock Exchange isn’t the only concession Bytedance and Oracle have had to make to try to convecte the U.S. country’s representative.

Original source in Spanish

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