translated from Spanish: Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore relive “As if it were the first time”

Who won’t remember the memorable lines of “As if it were the first time” one of the endearing 2004 romantic comedies starring Drew Barrymore and Adama Sandler who told Henry and Lucy life in a romantic story. Although it was not a remake as such, the little esena gave rise to many of those in that etonses who were in their teenage stage will remember a bit of memorable plot, as this was presented in the framework of the new program of the actress Drew Barrymore “The Drew Barrymore Show” which featured the presence of luxury guests such as Cameron Diaz Lucy Liu, Resse, Billy Elchner and Witherspoony.
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Program where one of the moments broke the theme astonishing everyone, was the appearance of a small sketch where Lucy and Henry came to life again, remembering the one of the last areas of the movie. In this area Henry has to remind his wife of everything she has lived, because she suffers from amnesia and forgets everything she lived the day before so Sandler’s weighting has to record a tape to remind her of everything that has happened.

The sketch was recorded in with a more up-to-date vetion of the facts since up to that point 5,000 tapes would have been recorded, but everything goes the same way as narrated in the film, from the good morning, and that they are equally married, to general details of the pandemic moment that I also take advantage of to congratulate her on her new program. 

Original source in Spanish

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